Thursday, November 22, 2007


Schedules / School Newspaper

Recently the Scheduling Committee presented 4 possible schedules for U-32 Middle and High School. These proposed schedules can be found on the school website at:

(if you have trouble with the link, go to and look for the link in the News & Events box).

One schedule is the current trimester system, while the other four are based on the semester system and would most likely include quarterly reporting on student progress.

Note classes need to meet for a total of 200 minutes per week and that is why you'll see some schedules propose 50 minute classes four times a week, 40 minute classes five times a week, 67 minute classes three times a week, or some combination of those times.

Please know that the scheduling committee has looked at 100 schedules over the past two years. Many will not work at U-32 since we have both a middle and high school and therefore share staff and space.

Michelle McFadden, a member of the committee, would like to encourage parents to email Tim Flynn with feedback

The scheduling committe will consider feedback they have and continue to receive over the next few days. They will make a recommendation to principal Keith Gerritt. Keith Gerritt will in turn recommend a scheule to the school board on Wednesday, November 7th. This could be to recommend to keep the current trimester calendar, or could be recommending one of the semester schedules.

Please take the time to look over the scheduling information that is posted on line. Send your comments to Tim Flynn If you have questions, those could also go to Tim.


It's very exciting to be able to point out that the U-32 student newspaper, The Chronicle, can now be found on line. Currently the link is in the News & Events box on the main page (

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