Sunday, October 28, 2012


News to Know Sandy approaching

A few additional tips are included so please look over carefully. While reading this, please be thinking about who your friends & neighbors are that may need this information... and please get it to them!

Sunday, October 28, 2012 - Remnants of Hurricane Sandy are expected to impact Berlin with high winds from 2pm Monday through 11am Tuesday and therefore there is the possibility of downed trees and power outages. Rain is expected throughout the week through Friday. Rivers are expected to rise gradually to the flood stage. Localized flooding can be expected. Flash floods are still a possibility. Please plan and prepare accordingly.

•Vermont Emergency Management has an informative website Their Family Emergency Preparedness Workbook is posted there and their facebook page is currently streaming onto their website for your convenience

•Listen to WDEV (AM 550, FM 96.1) for information, they also plan to have the broadcast available from their website (

•Call 2-1-1 if you need information or resources and also to report damage, visit or call 5-1-1 for road closure information

•Please work with your friends & neighbors, especially the elderly and others needing special assistance to help each other become prepared and stay safe

•The Berlin Emergency Management Team has an email group to keep you informed on emergency situations and dangers facing the town. To join this list click on and click on “Join group”.

Preparations to make -

•Stock up on non-perishable groceries,
•Outside items should be picked up so the winds won't take them (including political lawn signs)
•Leaves should be cleaned up (especially if they might get blown to where they would clog storm drains),
•Draw some water (buckets or tub full for flushing toilets & jugs for drinking),
•Have flashlights with extra batteries,
•Charge your phone batteries (have a car charger available to recharge)
•Fill car with gas,
•Have cash on hand.
•Put together items you would want if you need to evacuate, don't forget any medications.
•Know a safe route (and perhaps an alternate one) if you need to evacuate to higher ground.
•Bring your pets in (also prepare for possibly evacuating them - if they're small do they have carriers, also gather leashes, vaccination papers, and food.
•If you're in an area prone to flooding, having photos for documentation is good - ones before the storm, then to show damage, and including repairs being made.
•If you lose power, be sure to report it to the utility company.
•Be sure to inform the utility people and local officials if power is critical for any medical needs - local officials do NOT know who has those needs.
•If you need to evacuate, shelters will be opening
•If you are asked to evacuate, please do so.
•If there are any flood waters, do your best to stay out of them, they're not healthy.
•Stay away from all downed power lines, they could be live or have generators back-feeding into them. There could be lines tangled in trees that come down.


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