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News to Know March 21, 2014

BERLIN NEWS TO KNOW March  21, 2014

This  communication is put together and distributed on a volunteer basis by resident Corinne Stridsberg simply in an effort to share information and build community, it is not from the town of Berlin.
Please share this with your Berlin friends and neighbors.  If you're not already receiving this news directly by email, send an email to request this to
Check out the Berlin, Vermont Community News page on facebook to find bits of current news, some not included here:

Please find below what is being recorded today on the Berlin Resource Line.  Please, please be sure to be spreading the word about this call in Resource Line (552-8805) to your friends, neighbors, and relatives who do not have internet access.  The line is being updated each Friday and typically is under two minutes in length. 

Note that for folks with internet access, check out the Berlin, Vermont facebook page.

Thanks for calling the Berlin Resource Line

The sewer commission will meet on Monday March 24th at 7pm at the Town Office.

Tuesday, March 25th both the Treasurer's Office and Town Clerk's Office will be closed.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Parents and community members are invited to a Community Meet & Greet for Principal candidate Carol Amos on Tuesday, March 25th from 7:45 - 8:15am in the Spanish Classroom @ Berlin Elementary.

The March meeting of the Berlin Historical Society will be held at the Berlin Town Office on Tuesday, March 25 at 7:00 PM

The Washington Central Supervisory Full Board will meet on Wednesday, March 26th in the U-32 Cafeteria at 6pm.  Break out meetings for the individual boards will happen at 7pm with the U-32 board meeting in Room 128 and the Berlin school board meeting in room 110.

Please consider volunteering 2 1/2 hours of your time for basic training to be able to help open and run a shelter during times of disaster.  No experience necessary. This training is Wednesday, March 26th
6 - 8:30pm at the Berlin Elementary School in the Learning Center.  The American Red Cross is providing the supplies and training to open a shelter quickly and independently.  Please contact Wanda Baril at 223-5096 with any questions.

This year the Berlin Elementary 5th /6th grade performance of "Folktales On Stage" is on one day only, Thursday, March 27th at
1:30 and 6:30pm at the school.  The community is welcome and there is no charge to attend.

Please note
Crosstown Road will be barricaded to through traffic during the upcoming mud season.  Residents who live on the Riverton side of the barricade can use Route 12, while those on the opposite end of the road will need to use Paine Turnpike.   

The selectboard has elected Ture Nelson as their chair, Roberta Haskin as Vice chair and Jeremy Hansen as secretary. Also serving on the board are Bradley Towne and Pete Kelley. 

The Development Review Board currently has two openings.  Anyone interested in becoming more involved in our community should contact Bob Wernecke at 485-8793

The next Resource Line update will be Friday, March 28th.

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