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Berlin News to Know August 14th

BERLIN NEWS TO KNOW  August 14th, 2015
This communication is put together and distributed on a volunteer basis by resident Corinne Stridsberg simply in an effort to share information and build community, it is not from the town of Berlin.
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The first installment on tax bills is due on Monday, August 17th.

One of our kids is looking for an inexpensive (or free) wooden shed, or chicken coop, or scrap lumber to help in building one herself.  If you have something or a suggestion, please let me know.  Thanks - Corinne

Below you will find:
This is what I posted on the Berlin, Vermont facebook page August 9th:
This weekend has included unthinkable events here in Berlin and in our greater Central Vermont community. I'm not sure that we'll ever really understand why it happened. Whether you knew any of the people involved or not, it's heartbreaking. Each person absolutely makes a difference in our community. We will miss those no longer with us and be supportive to those who were left hurting. ((HUGS))
Update 8/11/15 The governor's office issued a statement Monday saying the Herrings had urged people to avoid the social media fundraising sites. They say no legitimate fundraising sites have been established as of now.
Update 8/14/15 Calling hours for our community members, Julie Falzarano and Rhonda & Regina Herring, are going to be at the Kingston funeral home in Northfield from 5-8 Friday evening (8/14/15). Graveside service at 1pm Sunday Middlesex cemetery with a follow on family and friends potluck at the Montpellier Elks Club
Memorial contributions may be made to the Tiffany Herring Trust Fund, c/o Richard Herring, 2595 Vermont Rt. 12, Berlin, VT 05602
The media is filled with stories on the topic, this one is an interview with Randy Herring, one of Rhonda & Regina's three brothers.
Berlin Conservation Commission Meeting, Monday, August 17, 2015, Berlin Town Office, 5:30 PM  Agenda: Consideration of VLT's request for funding of conservation easement
Consideration of Little League's request for funding ball field improvements
The Selectboard meets Monday, August 17th at 7pm at the Town office.
The Sewer Commission meets Monday, August 25th 7pm at the Town office.
School starts on Tuesday, August 25th for elementary students and U-32 students in grades 10,11, & 12, while 7th, 8th, & 9th graders start on August 26th.
The Berlin Historical Society meets Tuesday, August 25th 7pm but please arrive at 6:30pm to view a slideshow, scrapbooks, and other materials that will be out.  All are welcome.
The Planning Commission will meet on Wednesday, August 26th 7pm at the Town office.
The Mark Johnson Show which has been on the radio airwaves twenty-five years is coming to an end at the end August 28th.  He's going to take a position as a senior reporter/editor at the online news site VTDigger and will start in October.
This is Mark giving the announcement:
By James Biggam
August 14,2015
U-32’s interim athletic and recreation director Devin Wendel and new athletic trainer Caitlin Roberts pose at the school on Wednesday.
EAST MONTPELIER – There was no need for outsourcing when U-32 Athletic Director Amy Molina recently became director of student affairs.
Devin Wendel has been named interim athletic and recreation director, and he’s a familiar face after spending the past two years as the school’s athletic trainer. In addition, Caitlin Roberts has been hired as a new full-time athletic trainer.
“We’re trying to make the best team to help U-32 keep moving forward, and we’re keeping it pretty much in-house,” U-32 principal Steven Dellinger-Pate said. “Really, Devin was the assistant athletic director – so he knows the system. He knows the coaches, he knows the kids and there’s really no training that has to be done. It’s a seamless move.”
Molina was hired in 2001 as the Raiders’ first full-time athletic director, taking over for former physical education teacher and part-time AD Dan Violette. Molina was an All-American basketball player at St. Michael’s College in 1993 and sports will continue to play a prominent role in her new position.
“Amy will actually be overseeing the athletic director,” Dellinger-Pate said. “If there is an issue, she will be the first person to contact after Devin if something can’t be resolved. She’s not going to let an athletic program that we’ve built to this level just wander off.”
Molina’s tenure as AD was widely successful, featuring a trio of state championships in boys basketball (2003, 2004, 2010), boys soccer (2005, 2006, 2008), boys track and field (2013-2015) and football (2001, 2002, 2006). Solidifying the school’s status as an athletic powerhouse, Molina helped raise two championship banners for boys hockey (2012, 2013), girls lacrosse (2006, 2014), girls hockey (2010, 2011), girls track and field (2013, 2015) and girls cross country (2005, 2006).
After serving 14 years at the AD position, Molina ultimately decided it was time for a change.
“Amy expressed interest in moving toward the administration, although this is not technically an administrative position because you’re not supervising teachers,” Dellinger-Pate said. “What happened is we reshuffled the administration so the two assistant principals and myself could focus on professional development, curriculum development - all those wonderful things. Her position as director of student affairs is really focused on building-and-student issues: building and grounds, bussing, food services, school meal programs. It’s more of the building-management kind of issues.
“We’re making sure that the administration – two assistants and myself – have more time in classrooms with the teachers and kids. And we actually reduced the number of administrators we had as a result of this, so this is also a cost-saving measure.”
It will not be the first rodeo for Wendel, who graduated from Mount Abraham High School in 2007 and Endicott College in 2011. That same year he and Jen Lahr replaced Lynn Ribolini as Montpelier’s athletic director, a position he held for one year.
Wendel’s first month at MHS featured massive scheduling challenges after Tropical Storm Irene destroyed multiple practice fields. He faced a far more dire situation during a football game when Solons junior Dylan Mercadante suffered a pair of strokes and a burst blood vessel following helmet-to-helmet contact.
“That big injury at Montpelier was within a month of starting,” Wendel said. “The start of my athletic director career was difficult – no doubt. I was actually just looking through old e-mails the other day and I found one where I said, ‘Hey guys, here’s the scoop: We have six soccer teams and I have two fields for all of you guys who want to practice from 3 to 4:30 and 4:30 to 6 - with one of those fields being the game field, which historically hadn’t ever been practiced on. So that was incredibly difficult with scheduling, not to mention other factors that kind of hardened me to the position.”
The long commute from Bristol was a factor in Wendel’s decision to leave his position with the Solons, but in 2013 he returned to Central Vermont as an athletic trainer at the top of Gallison Hill Road. When Molina accepted her new position this past spring, Wendel pounced at the chance to take on more responsibility.
“I spoke up and said, ‘I’ve been here for over two years now and I know a lot of the inner workings of the program,” Wendel recalls. “I said, ‘I think it makes more sense to slide me over into that position, and then hire another athletic trainer who’s gone through all of the same training that I have, instead of bringing a new person in who doesn’t really know the school to run the whole athletic department.’
“And I think it was supported because the initial idea was that Amy would slide over, we would hire an interim one-year athletic director and my position would stay the same. That’s when I spoke up and said, ‘How about we do this?’ And they kind of took that second idea because I’ve been doing lots of it for a couple years, I’ve been able to look over Amy’s shoulders and see how she does things. And the thing that everyone has to remember is that, right now, it’s still a one-year position. Amy will probably slide right back into the AD job next year, so my goal is to leave it as if she never left.”
Wendel and Roberts will comprise a rare 1-2 punch of certified athletic trainers, with Roberts taking on the bulk of the training duties. A graduate of Thetford Academy (2009) and the University of Vermont (2013), Roberts interviewed for the position in the beginning of July and was hired several weeks ago.
“I’ve been trying to get a job at a high school since I graduated, so it was very exciting,” she said. “There’s really not that many scenarios in all of Vermont where you have two athletic trainers working a high school, so it’s really great that we have both of here to help out.”
And even though U-32 has added Roberts to the payroll, the move could be cost-saving in the long run.
“We often times in the past have had to hire out (trainers) on busy days,” Wendel said. “In the past we’ve had let’s say a JV football game, a soccer game, a field hockey game and then three other teams practicing on campus. It makes for a really busy day for one person. So to have two is fantastic, and it saves another line in the budget. With that being said, there’s still some dates where we still might even need another one. There’s some nights in the winter where we have hockey and gymnastic and basketball all going on at the same time. So it’s a good thing. We’re going to be able to keep our kids a lot safer having two of us here.”
The Raiders kicked off fall practices this week and should be competitive in every sport, with cross country running and girls soccer returning especially strong rosters.


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